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The Supreme Council has kept the application dates for the 2016-17 Lodge Grant Program to the spring in order to allow lodges to start projects prior to the winter months.  Last year, financial awards were announced near the end of August, which allowed many outdoor projects in the north to begin before weather restrictions set in.  This year, the projected time frame for the next $1,000,000 grant award announcements is early September.

Please read the following information in order to improve your lodge’s chances for securing a Supreme Council Lodge Grant:

  • Attendance at the 2016 International Moose Convention is still required and the application start and completion dates remain the same as last year in order to allow lodges the opportunity to start 2016 projects prior to the onset of winter. Lodges can begin applying on May 1st, with the final date for submitting an application being June 30th. No extensions will be granted. The process will be the same as last year, with access to the application appearing within the Moose Admin section on the website starting May 1st.
  • All lodges will have access to the application; however, those lodges not represented at the 2016 International Moose Convention in St. Louis will be eliminated following the meeting. At least one representative from the lodge needs to be scanned into a meeting of the Order to qualify.
  • Grants will be dispersed in quantities between $500 and $25,000.
  • Funds are to be used to repair, replace or upgrade current equipment and facilities which will make the Lodge more appealing/functional to current and future members. (i.e. – replacement of a water heater; roof repairs; new seating for the social quarters; replacement of worn carpeting; new signage; installation of a POS system; parking lot repair, etc.) Funds will not be granted to pay taxes, loans, past bills, or other financial obligations of the Lodge. Repairs and upgrades cannot be retroactive.
bioIt is a tremendous accomplishment for any organization to still be around 100 years after its founding. We enjoyed our cake in celebrating the Loyal Order of Moose, Women of the Moose, Moose Legion and Mooseheart reaching their Centennials. The year 2022 is approaching fast and with it comes Moosehaven’s 100th birthday. In preparation for the party, we want to put an exclamation point on the first century of care for our senior members living with the beautiful City of Contentment. As Moose we have committed to build a new congregate living facility for our Moosehaven residents. This will be a three-story, 105 apartment, up-to-date 21st century technology, superior living environment. Our fundraising goal is $10,000,000 within three years. Can we do it? Visit Moosehaven and look into the eyes of one of our residents and tell them that we can’t….I double dog dare you! Thank you for building our foundation and giving generously to Moosehaven’s Centennial Project.

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